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Written Instructions


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Instructions for Downloading Music from Soundburst

Downloading has never been easier and if you follow our instructions you will find it quick and easy to do.  Please read these instructions before you begin so you have a good idea of what you will be doing and you won’t miss anything.  Once you get the steps, we are talking 10 minutes tops!

I know it looks like there is a lot here, but you will save yourself time later if you take the time to learn it now.

There are also a lot of tips here to help you organize your iTunes and make things much easier to find.

Plus this is very detailed on purpose for those new to downloading and to iTunes.


Things You Need To Know

Soundburst has been a music provider for Jazzercise since 2001.  Our site is tailored just for Jazzercise instructors.    All the music is guaranteed to be correct for Jazzercise use.  We are in the process of uploading music as far back as 2001.  So watch for new (older) titles to show up.  If you need a song that isn’t shown, just email us at customerservice@soundburstaudio.com) and ask.   Give us the R-set it was originally from and the time if you know it.  If we have it we will upload it to our site for you.  We will reply to your email and let you know.  Also check out Instructor Requests on the top slider menu bar at our store or simply use the search option to see if a song you want is already on the site.

You must use a computer to download from our site.  iTunes will not allow you to place music into your iTunes library from a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone from another provider.  Once you download and put the file into your iTunes library on your computer, you can sync your device and use it to play the music.  You just can’t download directly to a mobile device.   This is an Apple issue we have no control over.

  • We do not keep your credit card information on file.
  • We store only your address information and the music you purchase in an account you create when you make your first purchase. This User Dashboard is available for you to access at any time.  You can view and print purchase receipts, send us an email, edit your account details and access your music library.  Instructions to access your User Dashboard are given later in this document under the title How to Access Your Account (User Dashboard).
  • We use zip files to deliver complete R-set downloads. Zip files are used to send large amounts of data over the internet. Those files must be saved to your computer and extracted or unzipped before they can be used in any music player.  Any browser has this function built in.  You don’t need to purchase any additional software.  Think of the zip file as the envelope.  It is the means of delivery only.  You need to open it to get to the information inside.  Once you have downloaded the zip file (gotten the envelope), you will need to open it.  That’s called extracting.  Your computer opens the (envelope) and pulls out the contents for Complete instructions how to do this are shown in this document.
  • Be sure you know where your browser will save files you download. Most automatically put them in your Downloads  If you can’t find the music folder, you can always use your browser search option.  Type in the set name or song title you are trying to find and let your computer find it for you.


Prepare iTunes to Accept and Save Your Music Correctly

  • When iTunes does an update, it sometimes changes certain settings. So check this each time before you download. This makes sure the files are actually moved into your iTunes library.   Another reason you have to have a computer. Open iTunes.  From the menu bar at the top left, click on Edit.  From the dropdown menu, click on Preferences.

At the top right of the box, click on Advanced.  Check the top three boxes:  1) Keep iTunes media folder organized…. 2) Copy files to iTunes media….. 3) Share iTunes library….  Click OK.


How to Download From Soundburstaudio.com

  • Go to soundburstaudio.com
  • On the menu bar, click on Jazzercise. From the dropdown, click on Music.
  • The system default will take you to the most recent full set download and then sorts numerically after that. You can also choose individual tracks by clicking on the sliding menu bar at the top.  We have a lot to choose from.
  • Make your music selection and Add to Cart. You can add as many selections as you wish.  Each one will represent an individual download on your receipt.  If you Continue Shopping, the system will take you back to the point of your last purchase.  You can also search by song title using the Search Products box at the top of the store page.  This can save you a lot of time but you have to spell the song title correctly in order to find it.  You can also search by Artist here.
  • When you are finished shopping, click on Secure Checkout. This will take you to the Checkout page.  If you have purchased from us before and created an account, click on Returning Customers – Click Here to Login.  Enter your email and password as set up originally and click on Login. Complete the credit card information requested.  Be sure you are accurate.  Complete the Billing Information section.  Check the Authorization boxes and click on Place Order.
  • If you are a new customer, skip the Returning Customers section and begin with the Payment Information. Then complete the Billing Information.  Next is the Create Account Access  Be sure you put in an email and password here so your purchase can be saved in an account for you.  Remember this email/password combination.  You will need it to login to your account.  When you come back you will be a Returning Customer.  So you will enter your email/password in that section at the top of the checkout page next time you purchase.  Click on the authorization boxes and then on Place Order.
  • You will be immediately directed to an order confirmation This page will list all of the info used to make your purchase and it will serve as your receipt.  This will give you links to your downloads at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on the cloud with the down arrow icon next to the music title. You will need to save the file(s) to your computer.  Make sure you know where it is being saved so you can find it when complete.  This will usually be your Downloads  This will take a couple of minutes depending on your internet speed and your computer.
  • If you purchased individual tracks, you will notice an icon on your receipt for each song. Save each to your computer.
  • Open iTunes.  Click on File, (top menu bar) then Add FILE To Library.  Direct your computer to where the music is saved, click on the song file and then on Open or Ok.  The music will go to your Recently Added playlist and it will be saved in your iTunes library.  Repeat for each song.  From there you can organize them as you wish.
  • If this is a full R-set download, then it is a zip file (envelope) and you will need to right click on it (to open) and from the options given, choose Extract All or Your browser will ask you where you want to save the new file and if you want to rename it.  I suggest using the default.  This puts the new file by the old one.  It will take a few moments to extract and create the new file so make sure you wait until it is complete.  You have just opened your “envelope” (zip file) and the new file (info inside) has been created.
  • You will notice that the new file has the same name but without the .zip at the end. This icon is now an open paper file folder.  This is the folder you will use.  If you open it now, you will see all of the music tracks listed.  This file is now ready for use in any digital music player.  Go to Using the Music File in iTunes


Using the Music Files in iTunes

  • Open iTunes. Click on File, (top menu bar), then click Add FOLDER to Library.
  • A dialog box will appear asking you where to look for the file. Direct it to the place on your computer where you saved the extracted file.  (Downloads)  Click on the file name and then click on Select Folder at the bottom of the box.  This will move all of the songs in this folder to your Recently Added playlist in iTunes.
  • Go to your Recently Added Please note that with the new updates, many features have been removed from the Recently Added Playlist.  You cannot add sort features or have the music listed by song anymore. L  So it is easier to work with the Songs Playlist under the Library heading in the upper left of your iTunes screen.  On the header bar of this playlist, you will see the titles for various columns, i.e., Name, Time Artist, Album, etc.  We have coded the music R-set name under the Album Artist column.  If you add that column to your music library and playlists, you will be able to sort the music so each set will sort together.
  • To add this column (Album Artist), click on View in the top menu bar. Then on Show View Options.  In the large box that opens, under the middle section Music, check Album Artist.  You can also check any other options here to get the view you would like.   Click the small X at the top right of the box to close it.  Once this is done click on the Album Artist header at the top of that column.  This will sort the songs by R-set and in the same order as on your DVD.
  • You can add this option to any of your playlists. It’s a wonderful time saver.  Now that the music is imported, you can create the playlist(s) you want to organize it as you wish.
  • To move a big block of songs at once, click and highlight the first song in the block. While holding down the Shift key, press the Down Arrow key until the entire block is highlighted.  Anywhere in the highlighted area, right click and from the dropdown box, click Add to Playlist(You will need to create your new playlists before you do this).  Chose the playlist you want and click on it.  The music block will be copied into your new playlist.
  • You are ready to Jazzercise!

How to Access Your Account (User Dashboard)

  • When you make your first purchase from soundburstaudio.com and complete the Create Account Access box on the checkout page, you create an account. To access your account, go to our homepage.  Click on Login in the top menu bar.  At the Content Shelf login, type in the email and password you used when you purchased from us.  Click Login.  If you have forgotten your password there is a reset option you can use.  If you have purchased from us but did not create an account, you can do so now by clicking on the First Time to Access Content option.  Follow the prompts.
  • From your Buyer Dashboard, you will see all of the content you have purchased from us. You can download it again by clicking on the small down arrow to the right of the item.  This will give you the black cloud icon to download it again just like you did the first time.  You will go through the same process.
  • You can also go back to our store here by clicking on Visit Vendor’s Store right under the black cloud icon in this section.
  • You can also see your Order History and reprint receipts for tax purposes. In Account Profile, you can change your address, update your email address and change your password.
  • We sell gift cards. If you have purchased some they will be shown under the Gift Cards




We believe supporting our customers is very important.  So if you need help, we are available by phone (800-239-1881) in the US, Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time.  We are in Utah.

There is no charge for our assistance and we are happy to help you.  You can also email us at customerservice@soundburstaudio.com.  Tell us in as much detail as you can what the problem is.  We will respond within one business day and do whatever is necessary to help.  We will make sure you get your music so don’t worry.  We have other ways if all else fails.


We appreciate your business!

The Soundburst Team


Updated 2/23/17