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How Can I Sort My Music By Set?

Soundburst has made some adjustments to your music so that each track also tells you which set it is used in.  To see which set it’s in, right click on the menu bar (shown in yellow) at the top of your music in iTunes.  A menu opens with all of […]


How Do I Import My Music Into iTunes?

Importing music into iTunes is very simple.  Once you’ve downloaded and extracted your music, open up iTunes.  If you are importing a full set, go to FILE -> ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY.  If you are importing a single track, go to FILE -> ADD FILE TO LIBRARY.  Then select the […]


I Just Added My Music To iTunes, But I Don’t See It! Where did it go?

If you’ve added a folder or file to iTunes, but you can’t find it, chances are, you didn’t see the first step in our directions which you can view HERE.  You need to make sure that if you’re using our downloads in iTunes, you make the following simple change in your […]