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The volume on the R1-16 music set is stronger and louder than previous sets. Why, and what can I do to keep from having to manually adjusting the level during class?

We are now using a new music file format that gives us a clearer, crisper and stronger sound.  You may notice a volume difference if you are mixing music from R1-16 with music from older sets.  We apologize if this causes you an inconvenience but you will see that the […]


Can I Request An Old Song?

Absolutely!  We started providing music for Jazzercise with the R4-01 set.  Although we don’t still have access to every single song, we do have quite a bit in our archives.  If you’re in need of some music for an old routine, just let us know!  If we still have access […]


How much Jazzercise music is on your site?

We keep two years worth of Jazzercise’s most recent full sets in our digital shop.  We also keep 4 years worth of individual routines currently dating back to R1-12.  We have been a music provider for Jazzercise since 2001.  Back then we were providing physical product to instructors rather than digital […]