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How much Jazzercise music is on your site?

We keep two years worth of Jazzercise’s most recent full sets in our digital shop.  We also keep 4 years worth of individual routines currently dating back to R1-12.  We have been a music provider for Jazzercise since 2001.  Back then we were providing physical product to instructors rather than digital downloads.  So in addition to two years of R-sets and four years of individual tracks from R-sets back to R1-12, we can upload lots of music from old sets.  Just CONTACT US, tell us what song you are looking for and what R-set it was from.  If we have it, we will upload it to our site and let you know when it’s posted.  In addition to the full R-set and Individual tracks we have listed, check out the Instructor Requests already uploaded in our store.  Lots of old music has already been uploaded.  An easy way to find it is to use the Search Products box at the top of any page on the store.  Type in the song title and if we have it loaded, it will take you right to it.